What is higher order thinking?

“Every day thinking, like ordinary walking, is a natural performance we all pick up. But good thinking, like running the l00-yard dash, is a technical performance… Sprinters have to be taught how to run the 100-yard dash; good thinking is the result of good teaching, which includes much practice.”

David Perkins, Howard University


The Griney Grollers Thinking Skills Test

1. What kind of grollers were they?

2. What did the grollers do?

3. Where did they do it?

4. In what kind of gak did they grangle?

5. Place one line under the subject and two lines under the verb.

6. In one sentence, explain why-the grollers were grangling in the granchy gak. Be prepared to justify your answer with facts.

7. If you had to grangle in a granchy gak, what one item would you choose to have with you and why?

Students can answer low-level
questions without thinking.

Students enter/exit classrooms
with no more understanding of
what they’ve learned than
“The Griney Groller”
taught you!



What do you mean by?  Could you give me an example?

What is your main point?  Would this be an example?

How does_________relate________to?  Could you explain this further?

Could you put that another way?  Would you say more about that?

Is your basic point______or_____?  Why do you say that?

What do you think is the main issue here?

Let me see if I understand you; do you mean _______or______?  How does this relate to our discussion (problem, issue)?

What do you think John meant by his remark? What did you take John to mean?

Jane, would you summarize in your own words what Richard has said? …Richard, is that what you meant?


What are you assuming?   What is Karen assuming?

What could we assume instead?

You seem to be assuming________.     Do I understand you correctly?

All of your reasoning depends on the idea that . Why have you based your reasoning on ___rather than ?

You seem to be assuming _______. How would you justify taking this for granted?

Is it always the case? Why do you think the assumption holds here?

Why would someone make this assumption?


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